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    From Mike Dippel@316:316/1 to All on Sat Nov 27 22:13:00 2021
    Although I was never in any branch of the Military, I was a police office, first in Detroit for 2 years until I was laid off, and then 21 years in Fort Lauderdale. The academy in Detroit was probably as rough as any branch of the Military.

    I was 29 when I started, but I could keep up with the youngins'. I was 31 when I joined Fort Lauderdale.

    My worst year there was in 1985 working 'Spring Break'. I hated it to the point where I had to leave that area after just 1 year. But the rest of my career went pretty well. There probably isn't 1 street or 1 shift that I don't have a story for.

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