• Any recommendations for 4G dongle for Raspberry Pi?

    From Chris Green@cl@isbd.net to comp.sys.raspberry-pi on Fri Apr 12 11:05:48 2024
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    I have a Pi 4 on my boat in France. It sends back monitoring
    information like battery voltages while I'm not on the boat.

    Currently it connects via a TP-Link MR200 4G router which has a
    free.fr SIM in it. This has worked OK for many years but I think the
    damp must have finally got to it because last time I was on the boat
    (in March) it was very flakey, I had to keep restarting the router or
    even power cycling it.

    I'm going out to the boat again in a few days time and I'm looking for
    a quick and easy (and cheap) way to restore the connection while I
    test to find out whether it's the SIM is faulty or the MR200 router.

    So can anyone recommend a 4G dongle that is known to work well in a Pi
    4? Then I can put the free.fr SIM in that to see if the SIM is OK
    (and there's a Free shop nearby if I need to replace it). If the SIM
    is OK then I'll know the problem is with the MR200 router and I can
    replace that.
    Chris Green
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