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    On Friday, November 18, 2022 at 9:50:43 AM UTC-5, Louis Ohland wrote:
    Oh. Once again, contemporaneous articles use the then-correct name.

    PC386SX/MC20 (20 in subscript)

    Teapo 175W PSU, "custom designed" "dual voltage", US and european,
    assume 120/220

    3x SIMMs, 70nS supporting zero wait states.

    System RAM arrangement "Page-Mode", "Interleaved" is not in table for
    the 3241.

    "Page Mode memory allows back-to-back memory accesses within blocks of memory called pages, avoiding wait states."

    Shadowing is permanently enabled for video BIOS. Video performance was
    very good.
    Louis Ohland wrote:

    Starts on page 157 (not physical)

    Louis Ohland wrote:
    Dave, I see the YouToo video, did you get good filthy-feely pics of
    the system board?

    It's not klar how or if there is a 486 upgrade for this. A 16-bit 486?
    Possumble, but kontuzing.

    You bare it, we'll share it...

    Louis Ohland wrote:
    77c22(e) this one IIRC is sordid a mystery chip, but NCR has drivers. >>> 53C90 SCSI, I think...

    Louis Ohland wrote:
    NCR System 3300 Class 3421
    Thought this was a classless society...

    3421 (Micro Channel i386) System Software

    3421 Reference Disk 1 of 1 ver 2.00
    http://www3.ncr.com/support/pc/pcfiles/Machines/34xx/3421/3421_REF.EXE >>>>
    Binary code file to make BIOS v.2.00 for 3421
    http://www3.ncr.com/support/pc/pcfiles/Machines/34xx/3421/3421_200.EXE >>>>
    Wow, looks pretty flexible and capable.

    Nothing mind-shattering

    Errata, nothing huge
    1x 16-bit AVE slot
    3x 16-bit MCA

    Power connector could be for a 50/70 style PSU, -OR- like the Model >>>> 90 PSU with the edge card socket. I dunno.

    Looks to be two "SIMMs" worth of memory soldered to the board,
    unknown size. But each "SIMM" has 8 chips, plus 4 smaller chips. My >>>> SWAG is 8x data, 4x parity.

    "i486 upgrade board" Do tell...

    Lubo wrote:

    This is an NCR system with MCA slots, 386 SX.
    What makes it interesting is it has SCSI on the motherboard, with >>>>> both internal and external connections, the maximum RAM (8Mb), and >>>>> a Cabletron Ethernet card with the standard RJ-45 jack and a
    working Conner Hard drive.

    I modified the onboard VGA connector, adding an opening on pin 9 on >>>>> the second row, so current VGA cables fit now, no custom cabling

    It boots, displays POST info including that it detects 8Mb RAM, and >>>>> has DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.0 installed, though I commented windows >>>>> and the antivirus out of autoexec.bat because they run glacially
    slow. They can be enabled by uncommenting or run manually by typing >>>>> win. The SCSI and ethernet have the ADF files installed. @7F4D for >>>>> SCSI and @5608 for Ethernet, which has a RJ-45 jack. I managed to >>>>> install a packet driver, and DOS based DHCP, and it got an IP
    address, and pinged briefly, but then stops. It appears the
    hardware works and it is a software problem.

    These were used as POS terminals back in the day, but would work
    fine for retro-computing DOS games or (very slowly) Windows 3.x. I >>>>> also read they take OS/2 up to version 2.0 but have not tested.

    I am in the Los Angeles area, in case anyone wants to pick it up, >>>>> since these older models are all metal, so shipping might cost more >>>>> than the computer at this point.
    Ok I would like this system

    I'm at richard.smice @ yahoo.com please advise about shipping costs
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    On Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 12:12:07 PM UTC-6, ekb...@vnet.ibm.com wrote:
    On Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 10:04:10 AM UTC-5, Louis Ohland wrote:
    It's not klar how or if there is a 486 upgrade for this. A 16-bit 486? Possumble, but kontuzing.
    Back in the day, there was a product called "MakeIt 486" from Improve Technologies that allowed you to upgrade a 80286 machine (it bought a couple of those kits back when), so a 16-bit 486 upgrade option is certainly doable. Cyrix also made a 386SX to 486 upgrade kit, see https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/cyrix-386-sx-to-486-upgrade.48594/.
    I believe I have a PS/2 Model 50Z with one of those upgrades.
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