• OS/2 is now the only acceptable OS for white people

    From David J. Tholen@tholen@antispam.ham to comp.os.os2.advocacy on Fri Nov 2 22:45:25 2018
    From Newsgroup: comp.os.os2.advocacy

    After lengthy research, I have determined that OS/2 is free from the
    influence of mud people.

    Anyone who is not of pure Aryan heritage does not use OS/2.
    Interactions with embedded systems do not count as their
    childishly-simplistic interfaces are designed to be operated by people
    of races that are inferior to the Great Caucasian race.

    David J. Tholen.

    P.S.: I hate niggers, but that also applies to all Zogs.

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  • From dizzy@dizzy@nospam.invalid to comp.os.os2.advocacy on Sun Dec 16 20:50:35 2018
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    It's been said that OS/2 is used by kooks and astrologers.
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