• My penis is both gnarled and magnificent

    From David J. Tholen@tholen@antispam.ham to rec.radio.cb,rec.music.classical,comp.os.os2.advocacy on Tue Sep 25 22:22:06 2018
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    Many told me that it was impossible to have sex with the center hole in
    an OS/2 Warp 4 install CD.

    I disagreed, and proved them wrong. Repeatedly.

    My penis now resembles a garlic knot bread, but it was - and still is -
    worth it.

    When I gaze upon my male member, I bask in its knurled glory.

    It is unfortunate that I shall never again have a sexual partner whose vocabulary isn't limited to the words, "moo," "baa," or "me-e-e-e-eh,"
    but I embrace these new horizons.

    However, my enjoyment of having giant handfuls of dogshit smooshed into
    my face shall not be abated.

    Also, Pluto is totally a planet.

    David J. Tholen.

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