• Beaners stole my niggers

    From David J. Tholen@tholen@antispam.ham to comp.os.os2.advocacy,rec.radio.cb,rec.music.classical on Thu Sep 13 22:50:28 2018
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    I had a collection of niggers. Note the past tense.

    Despite being occasionally uppity, they generally worked hard, sang
    well, and responded with bug-eyed terror to a whip.

    Then a gaggle of beaners (likely feral) stole them.

    On the one hand, I am pleased that the niggers are now the beaners'

    On the other hand, the wetbacks stole my property. It's hard to run a combination coconut plantation and observatory without farm machinery,
    so I'd (resignedly) like my niggers back.

    I'm also trying to figure out how beaners managed to get to Hawaii,
    because even for a fencejumper that's one hell of a swim. But that's
    really a secondary issue.

    Mud people need not respond.

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