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    The Rise of DISCMASTER
    by Jason Scott, October 24 2022
    - http://blog.archive.org/2022/10/24/the-rise-of-discmaster/
    "A developer came to me a week ago with a project they'd been
    working on for over a year. The proposition of what they offered
    and the importance of what it would mean to historical software at
    Internet Archive was so compelling that within 48 hours, we'd
    announced it to the world.

    The site is DISCMASTER.TEXTFILES.COM, and within its stacks lie
    multitudes of previously hidden software treasure, and a directed
    search engine that makes it a top-notch research tool.

    More than a fascinating site, though, it represents some
    philosophies regarding the Archive's stacks that are worth
    exploring as well.

    The first thing that strikes a visitor to the site is either how
    strange, or how nostalgic it looks. The site is strikingly simple
    and references the first few years of the world wide web, when
    backgrounds were grey by default, and the width of the screen was
    almost always under 640 pixels. Same with the link colors, and use
    of (to the modern era) small icons next to the words and links.
    This is a version of the world wide web long gone.

    However, underneath this simple exterior beats the heart of a
    powerful search engine and an astounding amount of processing that
    has analyzed millions of files to make them easy to interact with.
    If your area of research or interest is vintage/historical
    software, we've all been handed a top-class tool to discover
    long-lost files and bring them back instantly." ...

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    On 11/11/22 4:03 PM, Computer Nerd Kev wrote:
    The Rise of DISCMASTER

    DiscMaster is a WONDERFUL thing.

    I've found lots of things that I had been looking for using DiscMaster.

    The RSS feed of new things as they index them is fun to read too.
    Grant. . . .
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