• magnetic tape and the psychology of control

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    "Magnetic tape was one of the first opportunities Americans had to
    access, create, and distribute content, disrupting the decades-old
    industry control of media content. Invented in the 1930s, a surge of user-friendly products in the 1970s made magnetic tape accessible to the consumer market. Chapter 7 discusses how magnetic tape offered the
    opportunity to capture, edit, copy, distribute, and play back content
    that had once been proprietary or ephemeral. ... However, despite
    magnetic tape's seismic effect on the media environment, the effects of
    this media technology on user psychology is largely absent from the
    literature. The chapter elaborates on the psychological impacts of
    possessing and controlling content, creating content, and distributing
    content independent of gatekeepers and how these opportunities tapped
    into psychological needs and established an on-demand culture wherein
    users expect to have their content available at their discretion and to
    be used as they see fit."

    https://www.taylorfrancis.com/chapters/mono/10.4324/9780203702352-11/ magnetic-tape-charisse-pree-corsbie-massay
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