• Big Tech to Increase Surveillance and Censorship of White PeopleFollowing Biden Speech

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    Big Tech to Increase Surveillance and Censorship of White People
    Following Biden Speech

    Elvis Dunderhoff
    September 17, 2022

    According to Joe Brandon, there is a white terrorist conspiracy
    undermining the fabric of our society.

    There are no definitions, and no one knows what he is talking about –
    but it's real, and the only solution is to shut everything down totally.



    YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft, as well as Facebook and Instagram parent
    firm Meta announced on Thursday that they would monitor and remove
    allegedly hateful and extremist content after President Joe Biden made a speech portraying white supremacy as rampant in the US.

    According to a White House website, YouTube will expand its removal of content "glorifying violent acts" and will launch a campaign to help
    young users identify the "manipulation tactics used to spread misinformation." Twitch will make it easier for users to report "hate
    and harassment," Microsoft will use artificial intelligence to "detect credible threats of violence" from those who use its products, and Meta
    will partner with the Middlebury Institute of International Studies'
    Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism to "analyze trends
    in violent extremism and… help communities combat it."


    The latest censorship push was announced as Biden held a summit at the
    White House entitled 'United We Stand.' Alongside speeches from
    activists, law enforcement and business leaders, Biden used the event to
    call for increased censorship of social media, gun control, and a broad crackdown on the "venom and violence" of "white supremacists."


    However, FBI crime statistics show that white Americans do not disproportionately commit hate crimes compared to other races, and are
    the least likely demographic group to commit homicide against other
    races. The above statistics are raw totals, meaning the disparity in
    crime rates between whites and other races is even starker considering
    whites make up 58% of the US population, with Hispanics accounting for
    18%, African-Americans 12.5% and other races 11.5%.

    It's funny how Jews are demanding everything get shut down for years,
    and then all of a sudden the government discovers a new problem that no
    one has ever heard about and it's a reason to shut everything down.

    No, no. That's not funny. It's anti-Semitism to even mention it – that
    is to say: mentioning why we're being shut down is the very reason we're
    being shut down. If you can't follow that, you're pure evil.

    Here is Joe Biden's full speech.


    They actually brought in Heather Heyer's beast mother to give the
    opening of Biden's speech.

    Bitch up there looking like Nurgle the Plague Lord.

    So they're bringing back Charlottesville – everything is like
    Charlottesville now.

    By the way: Charlottesville was clearly some kind of setup. We know that

    All this stuff is happening now.

    We are under brutal Jewish domination, and it's already turned into
    total Bolshevism.

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