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    Javier [2022-09-12 14:27:48] wrote:
    Oregonian Haruspex <no_email@invalid.invalid> wrote:
    eMacs is the modern Lisp Machine. How is it not?

    I agree. But elisp, the dialect it uses, has its limitations.

    Quoting from the elisp manual:

    GNU Emacs Lisp is largely inspired by Maclisp, and a little by Common
    Lisp. If you know Common Lisp, you will notice many similarities.
    However, many features of Common Lisp have been omitted or simplified in
    order to reduce the memory requirements of GNU Emacs. Sometimes the
    simplifications are so drastic that a Common Lisp user might be very
    confused. We will occasionally point out how GNU Emacs Lisp differs
    from Common Lisp. If you don’t know Common Lisp, don’t worry about it;
    this manual is self-contained.

    A certain amount of Common Lisp emulation is available via the
    ‘cl-lib’ library. *Note Overview: (cl)Top.

    Perhaps somebody who has worked with real lisp machines can comment further.

    Nowadays most of the language-level functionality of Lisp Machines is
    available in ELisp either "in the core" or via libraries that are
    bundled with Emacs.

    What is lacking is the lower-level support, i.e. the ability to hack
    on the internals without leaving the Lisp world: in Emacs, a lot of the lower-level details are written in C.

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    steve g <sgonedes1977@gmail.com> writes:

    I still have a symbolics from 1986. it runs fine. ...
    If you want pictures let me know she is awesome but old.

    Like these?


    -- HASM
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