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    Franchise Country License for a Construction Development ( €5,500,000.00 ) Become a country developer for green high-tech 3D constructions

    What the Franchisee has to do?
    - Purchase the license
    - Organize of minimum 100.000m2 land at a strategic location
    - Get the initial agreement from the local town hall for receiving the general license
    - Negotiate the tax benefit for the development
    - Launch the host local Franchise firm structure
    - Sometimes a host local bank acquisition will bring its structural benefit
    - All developments up to turnkey will be executed by the GROUP Construction
    - advantage :
    - FRANCHISE shall act as Exclusive Representative of Group at the Host Country with one or several Host Franchise corporations under the Group umbrella FRANCHISE shall act as Representative and be the representative office of Group Bank at the Host Country
    - FRANCHISE shall be Representative of the GROUPPay World System
    - FRANCHISE shall receive full Group Green Energy Lease Finance for the construction project
    - FRANCHISE shall have access to Microcredits for Infrastructure Finance
    if you are interesed we need first your passaport + documentos your company and POF
    Whatsapp 0034651884888
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