• The minimum project loan amount per individual project is US$5.0 million.

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    When you want to apply for project finance, please contact our office located in the UK since 1983.
    The minimum project loan amount per individual project is US$5.0 million.
    WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY UP-FRONT OR HIDDEN FEES except a 5% success fee on any funds a Client accepts/arranges through us.
    The 5% Success Fee is only paid when a Client accepts and has physically received a loan and has signed a Finance Acquisition Agreement and loan agreement. The Client deducts it directly or pays it separately.
    A leading international group of companies specializing in the leisure, tourism and theme entertainment industry. We offer years of project finance experience, in-depth analysis, high-level primary research, and most importantly, knowledge of strategic planning.
    Everything we do is designed to provide our clients with direct and clear answers to their most demanding requirements.
    core activities :
    Amusement parks, Financing of international projects, Industrial and biotechnological parks, Conference and convention centers, Urban entertainment and leisure projects, Ecological projects, Health clubs, Family entertainment centers (FEC), Golf courses and miniature golf, Towns of Holidays, Hotels and motels, Leisure centers, Real estate developments, Resorts, Shopping centers, Attraction and science centers, Spas, Turnkey projects, Water parks, Start-up project financing, Leisure financing, Investment projects, Resort financing.
    global services :
    Global project refiners and acquisitions, due diligence, environmental impact studies, equipment and procurement, financial feasibility, fundraising, studies and IT services, joint ventures, master planning, grants, golf course design and management, search for investors, loans, acquisitions, Market feasibility study, Mystery shopping, Project financing, Resort design, Social impact assessments, Sponsorship, Strategic planning, Tourism financing, Urban planning.
    so you must send information by email with REF VIT to ( stars88@gmx.es )
    We lack documentation of the company and its owner and the project plan. whatsapp : 0034651884888
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