• [LINK] Pawsey takes a quantum computing leap

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    Pawsey takes a quantum computing leap
    By Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre, 3 Jun 2022
    - https://blog.csiro.au/pawsey-takes-a-quantum-computing-leap/

    "The road to quantum computing has been a cold one -- just above
    absolute zero, in fact. That's the temperature at which most
    quantum computers must operate to function.

    In a pioneering milestone, the Pawsey Supercomputing Research
    Centre we operate in Perth is now home to the first
    room-temperature quantum computer in a supercomputing facility,
    anywhere in the world.

    Developed by German-Australian start-up Quantum Brilliance, the
    two-qubit diamond quantum 'accelerator' uses synthetic diamonds and
    runs at room temperature in any environment. Bits, in traditional
    computing, refer only to binary values (0s and 1s); a quantum bit,
    or qubit, is not either but both values simultaneously." ...
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