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    Title: Sending spammers to password purgatory
    Author: itsjloh
    Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2022 20:57:31 -0400
    Link: https://www.troyhunt.com/sending-spammers-to-password-purgatory-with-microsoft-power-automate-and-cloudflare-workers-kv/
    Very amusing. Though if I wanted to waste someone's time I couldn't
    do much better than Aliexpress' log-in system where it sends a
    verification email, which it claims expires after 60 seconds. Their
    email server is always slow, so it's usually more than 60sec before
    it's received, but in spite of a JS countdown timer the codes
    actually last longer anyway. However sometimes the server gets
    really slow and the code does expire before it's sent out, or
    it never gets sent at all. Clicking "try again" only confuses and
    frustrates things more if the first code is then received, but it
    doesn't work because now it's waiting for a second one, which
    nevertheless might never arrive even though the first one did.

    There is a "this isn't working" link which takes you to a prove- your-humanity task, but after you complete that the page just
    goes blank!

    Still sometimes the email does just go through smoothly, so it
    keeps me hooked into trying again, a bit like a gambling addict.
    At least Ebay has eased up on their version of log-in pergatory for
    the moment, where it used to present Google (or sometimes other
    provider) Captchas which occasionally reloaded endlessly upon

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