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    Well, I ran the --lint option over my script, and it didn't highlight >anything other than strftime() as a gawk extension... although just from
    a manual scan I can see that I used 'nextfile', and *that* is listed as
    being available in gawk only. So I'm not sure how far the lint results
    are to be relied upon :-(

    It looks like you're looking at a (very) old manual. nextfile was
    accepted by the POSIX committee in 2012 for inclusion into awk
    and should be in the current standard (from 2017 or 2018). This is the
    reason --lint doesn't complain. At the very least gawk, mawk and
    The One True Awk implement nextfile. Apparently current busybox awk
    does as well.


    Mack The Knife
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