• array v3.1 is available

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    the new version of the array library is available in git at:


    array v3.x is a library of the functions for effectively works with an arrays in gawk. it's allows:

    it is also contains amount of non-array functions implemented.

    - join an array's elements
    - export/import arrays
    - dumping arrays
    - environment <> array movements
    - amount of text functions

    new in 3.1:

    - removing leading "_"-underscore character from publuc names
    - mpu: export/import arrays
    - environment <> array movements
    - improved dump(), dumpa()
    - many functions are completely redesigned
    - a number of non-array functions implemented
    - documentation updated

    how to use:

    just include file 'array.inc' in your gawk project.
    note that library requires it's own initializations so please make sure that it was performed before using any of the library's functions

    with the Kind Regards

    Denis Shirokov (digi_cs)

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