• [ANSI] Error 404 BBS

    From Todd.Zieman@Todd.Zieman@f102.n1.z21.fsxnet (Todd Zieman) to All on Thu Jul 13 12:45:14 2017
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    Error 404 BBS

    <Mystic Relay Chat >

    At Error 404 BBS we have a custom trade wars server with 5 nodes on a
    dedicated server. 10 custom Trade wars game that will challenge you !.
    We also offer BBS Link server , EWBBS serever , and a custom server link
    to Space Quest 2112, 30 local doors/games. We welcome DoorParty
    that has over 150 retro door games to play !

    At Error 404 you have 22 Mail nets for you to choose from
    as well as IRC and MRC chat.

    We also offer 17.3 gigs of CD-ROM files for download and some of
    the best files around on the local drive.

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