• Modems

    From Alec Aaron Roberts to All on Mon Apr 17 21:04:31 2017
    One of the main reasons i like BBS's, is that it is a legitimate reason to use a modem. I like the whole idea of social networking, forums, and other fun banter done without the use of any internet connection. The fact we can have a conversation connecting computer to computer without the need of an inbetween server is very neat and also i think Modems are awesome devices. I've actually become somewhat of a collector of them, and have accumulated a few complete in the box, like the 2400 baud US robotics courior, a commodore 1200 baud, and an Atari XM-301. I also have a loose 56k courior (what i'm using right now), and a weird brown one for the commodore 64, the Westridge Communications Direct-Connect Modem (300 baud only!) I also have some generic PCI slot modems.
    There doesnt seem to be a whole lot of nostolgia on the internet for modems, because they are completely associated with dial up internet, which I dont even use. But perhaps people would appreciate them more if BBS's were popular again. ESCAPE THE INTERNET