• Vinilo en 8 y 16 bit

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    ­Hola All!

    :-) Por Twitter me llegó el enlace a esta gente, Data-Discs[1], que producen en

    formato vinilo algunas de las bandas sonoras de excelentes juegos de hace muuuuchos años... El formato, la fina factura de la producción... sólo hay que leerles para ver auténticos fans comprometidos:

    About Us

    DATA DISCS was the first record label solely dedicated to releasing video >game soundtracks on vinyl.

    We carefully remaster game soundtracks and present them as officially >licensed, high quality packages. Our intention is to promote the work of
    game composers, which is all too often overlooked, and introduce people to
    an area of music that, despite being culturally significant in many ways,
    has seldom been available on any format, let alone on vinyl. We aim to >release soundtracks that work as standalone pieces; albums that can be >enjoyed by casual listeners as well as game fans, and showcase the
    creativity and ingenuity of the people behind them. We are based in
    London, England.

    [1] http://data-discs.com

    A reveure!!
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