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    Está en inglés, pero creo que se entiende bien...

    The HobbitsÆ Map of 10 Parts.

    Tiko, Nozzo and Elldo are three Hobbit merchants. A while back, they made a deal to purchase a ôtreasure mapö from a traveling merchant, and since they recognized certain landmarks on it and concluded the map led to a place near town, the Hobbits--though in no way Adventurers--decided to gear up and set out

    in search of it. The map led to the remnants of a turnip patch at an abandoned farm, and after a lot of attempted dowsing and probing, they found their treasure--a small iron pot. Upon hearing a CLINK when their rod struck it, they

    eagerly dug out the pot and pried off the cover, expecting to find a small cache of gold or jewels--but found only a folded scrap of parchment. Written upon it were the words PART THE SECOND, along with a continuation of the map leading to a forest some distance away.

    Clearly, this wasnÆt going to be as easy as they thought. They even debated whether it was a big joke, but when one of them held the two pieces closely together, they magically joined, and part of an incantation appeared on the back of parchment.

    Now they knew they were on to something, but the three lacked the courage to continue further. Their best option, they concluded, was to find some group of treasure hunters who might be trusted to take the map, follow it, find whatever

    treasure it leads to, and split it with them. They have thus come to the AdventurersÆ Guild, asked around, and been directed to the party. TheyÆll explain the story, show the map, and offer it to the group for a 50% cut of any

    recovered treasure. (They can be negotiated down to 25%, but theyÆll barter percentage point by percentage point for half the night to get it down that low.)

    The map is actually made up of 10 separate parts, each leading to a successively tougher encounter, dungeon or campaign, and successively better treasure. Each successive piece of the remaining eight pieces melds together with the last piece applied to the map until it makes a large rectangle, the back of which will have an incantation that will open a portal to an especially

    challenging dungeon like the Temple of Elemental Evil, Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, or Vault of the Drow. Upon completion of the final quest, a portal will open and the group may step through and return to the turnip patch, the map being consumed in the process. The map may thus be used as a long-term campaign aid to move the group about in the game world, linking otherwise unrelated adventures.


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    ­Hola Marcos!

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    Está en inglés, pero creo que se entiende bien...

    Pues sí, una manera curiosa de atrapar a un grupo aventurero en una campaña de larga duración, o en una larga sucesión de sesiones cortas de juego.

    Original, sin duda. ;-)

    A reveure!!
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