• Para todos los sysops Z4

    From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to All on Sun Apr 15 21:41:25 2018
    Hola todos,

    Recibi el siguiente texto de mi amigo Bill McGarrity

    ***************************************************************************** Date: 15 Apr 18 13:51:00
    From: Bill McGarrity
    To: All Z4 sysops
    Subj: RC ____________________________________________________________________________

    TZUTC: -0400
    MSGID: 11133.2fidosyso@1:266/404 1f38f521
    TID: SBBSecho 3.04-Win32 r3.78 Apr 13 2018 MSC 1800
    I know this is a rather strange request but here goes.

    To any Zone 4 sysops that would be interested in becoming a Regional Coordinator/Echomail Coordinator for an FTN network based on 'Sports from around the world', please contact me. Your area would consist of:

    The Caribbean
    Central America
    South America

    Being my spanish is limited, english is a must in discussing your duties.

    Naturally, you'd be expected to promote the network in your designated areas. You must be able to act as a hub for all downlinks (NC/NEC) that you create. Your NC's should also help promote the network. Knowledge in MakeNL is a MUST on all *C levels.

    For more info please FREQ: SPORINFO




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    Radio: radio.tequilamockingbirdonline.net:8010/live

    --- D'Bridge 3.99 SR22
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