• Help - Innotec or DOSBOX

    From Ed Vance@1:2320/105 to All on Wed Aug 5 21:35:00 2020

    Before I got this XP computer, the computer I used had DOS/Win3.1 on it
    running on a 486 CPU.

    I was using a SyQuest ez-135 External Removeable Disk Drive to make Backups that were Saved on several Cartridges.

    The ez-135 was connected to the 486 with a Parallel Port cable.

    The newer XP computer didn't have a Parallel Port so I kept the ez-135
    on the 486 and I used it on the 486 Off and On to make Backup's of the
    C:\ and D:\ HDD's.

    One day I broke the Loading Door on the Drive.

    I took it to a Shop but it couldn't be fixed.
    I wasn't about to make a Backup using a bunch of 1.44MB Floppies so the
    ez-135 became a BOAT ANCHOR sitting on top of the 486.

    Some Years later, a Neighbor told me He saw a SCSI SyQuest ezflyer230mb
    Drive listed on EBay and the Drive came with a SCSI Card I could put in the
    XP box.

    I knew the ezflyer230 could Read/Write ez-135 Cartridges, but I did't have
    a National Charge Card so I paid Him some cash to order that ezflyer230
    Drive for me.

    I have been thinking about Reading the latest BackUp I made on the 486, and Saving it on the XP box and then Burn the BackUp to a CD-R that I could put
    in the 486's CD Drive if I needed to Restore the BackUp for it.

    I have both "Innotek Virtualbox" and "DOSBOX" on My XP pc and I have thought for a long time to use one of those Programs to Read the latest Backup I
    made on the 486 and place it on a CD-R Disk.

    Does Anyone want to help me decide which Program would be the BEST to use. Thank You!

    73 de Ed W9ODR . .

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