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    Hello Bj”rn,

    08 Mar 22 08:40, you wrote to me:

    Ah yes, thanks for reminding me. When I still had a lousy ADSL connection to internet, I had too Disallow my SWAG mirror in my
    robots.txt file because all the search robots took up so much upload speed, when crawling over all the PAS files over and over again, that
    it was quite noticeable. Now, many years later, with 100/100Mb fibre
    it's high time open it up again.

    Please do. I have the last unmodified archive from Jim McKeeth on my mirror if you need it.

    You were a major influence on me when I first started Cheepware. I learned a lot from your code and SWAG.

    -- Sean

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    Hello Björn,

    09 Mar 22 13:15, you wrote to me:

    ... So I think I have the latest version. :)

    The cutting-edge version. :D

    Thank you. I've always enjoyed sharing what I know. After having
    worked with programming since 1969 (ALGOL, Fortran, Forth, COBOL,
    Pascal, C, OPL, assembler, and some more that I've forgotten
    about...), it was a no-brainer to help people in the PASCAL echo

    I am currently working on porting my DOS doors to Linux, Win32, OS/2, WINServer-native, and of course, DOS. I'm rewriting Rick Parrish's Manndoor and forking it into my own doorkit (with his blessing). I just have been so busy with everything I haven't had a chance to sit down and work on it. I am currently putting in all of my own code into Manndoor and reworking a few things to my liking.

    Manndoor also works under FreeBSD, I discovered, so I can add that to the list.

    I can do Win64 doors using FreePascal but as Rob Swindell told me, "Why?". <G>

    -- Sean

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    Björn Felten wrote to Sean Dennis <=-

    That sounds like a heavy undertaking, are you sure it's worthwhile?

    It's not as hard as it seems. Maarten Berkers (I hope I have his name
    right), the author of EleBBS, took all of his FOSSIL/serial code and
    released it as EleCOM. A LOT of people took that foundation and built on

    What I am basically doing is porting over a lot of routines I wrote that
    will extend Manndoor. I am also rewriting a few things in Manndoor and
    there are parts of Manndoor that were never finished that I will try to work on.

    I will be hosting it on my Sourceforge repo so anyone can take a look.

    I have released my door code under the BSD license so anyone can take it
    and port it to whatever they want.

    If I was me, the man I was 40 years ago, I'd go for a GUI for binkd. That would really be the Argus of the 2020s. Just a log file GUI
    analyser would be almost revolutionary. <hint>

    That's actually an excellent idea.

    I could write something like that for MBSE using Lazarus but I think we're deciding on using SQLite for storage so that will make things orders of magnitude easier to work with since FreePascal has a very nice SQLite unit.

    -- Sean

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