• Re: CatPost 4.20 FINAL is

    From Robert Wolfe@1:116/17 to FATHER PAUL on Tue Dec 5 19:17:00 2017
    Father Paul wrote to Robert Wolfe <=-

    I have taken CatPost 4.20 out of beta testing stage and have released a final 4.20 production release on my BBS in the CatPost Updates file
    area. If you are a registered CatPost copyholder, feel free to drop by
    my BBS at winserver.org, log in with your account and download the
    latest ZIP file today.

    What does CatPost 4.20, do?

    It's basically a text file to Wildcat! message base poster. I use it to
    post my BBS ad to the message bases on a scheduled event using wcRUN.EXE.

    ... File not found. Should I fake it? (Y/N)
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