• VIS Message Format Changes

    From Marc Lewis@1:2320/100 to All on Thu Mar 12 22:12:02 2015
    Hello All.

    Once again, The Vatican Information Service (VIS) has made a change to the format that their daily e-mailed bulletin is transmitted in: The Windows style text is now being transmitted with line lengths in excess of 256 (sometimes as long as 512) characters. To be able to deal with this and still be able to process the text into FidoNet format I have had to employ some more "file trickery" to enable the text editors to handle it. It *should* be completely transparent to you, however if you do happen to see any anomalies or any transposed lines, please let me know via either NetMail or e-mail, but not in the Vatican echo.

    Thanks for participating in FidoNet!

    Best regards,
    Marc Lewis

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