• Tornados was: sub traffic

    From Daryl Stout@1:2320/100 to Dallas Vinson on Sun Mar 27 09:49:02 2016

    Plus, with tornado season now in Arkansas, the BBS is offline more than DV>> online. There were several tornadoes in the state last week...and an DV>apparent
    tornado in northwest Arkansas last night.

    Damn Daryl, you guys just stay safe, the BBS can be replaced, you can't.

    At one time, Arkansas was ranked #1 in "killer tornadoes". Plus, with my BBS being the last one online in Arkansas, I would rather be down a few hours or days due to a threat of thunderstorms (lightning strikes around my place like it's an ungrounded Faraday cage), then take one hit, and be down forever.


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