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    Database Administrator
    To apply for this position, please visit this Website. http://dba.fyicenter.com/jobs/99886214_Database_Administrator_.html
    Date: 15-Jun-2013
    To see other DBA job opportunities, please visit http://dba.fyicenter.com/

    This technical position focuses on data analysis including data manipulation and report writing as well as database management including security enforcement, system performance, database administration, system maintenance, and integration.

    Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology a plus. 8 Years of database administration experience in various databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL) Background of hardware, operating systems, database administration programming, and some web server administration. Experience with database management and performance improvement tools and tracing utilities. Knowledge of and hands-on experience with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services in the areas of MS SSRS management and report development. Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, MS SSIS in the area of integration development. Knowledge of Sybase Infomaker preferred Knowledge of Microsoft.Net Technology and Web APIs Some knowledge of Microsft.Net and non-Microsoft programing and scripting languages (C#, VB.NET, Java, vbscript, javascript, perl) Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to independently troubleshoot as well as
    develop alternative solutions to problems. Good interpersonal skills including
    the ability to interact well with a variety of personalities, skills, and educational levels. Demonstrated ability to deliver on commitments; able to define and prioritize realistic goals and objectives

    Thank you,
    DBA FYI Center
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