• URGENT NEED: SR. JAVA DEVELOPER - Multiple Locations

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    Subject: URGENT NEED: SR. JAVA DEVELOPER - Multiple Locations
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    Looking forward to submit your resume for the below mentioned

    Please send me Updated RESUME along with RATE, Contact Number, Current
    Location and Availability.

    Please send me your resume to subhash.l@dwpractice.com

    Job Title: Sr. Java Developer
    Location: Frederick, MD
    Duration: 9+ Months

    Successful candidate will have a 8 years of hands on front end java development using technologies such as JSP, HTML, Javascript and
    Candidate will have a number of years experience in Java development including Struts Framework and SOAP based Web Services.
    Degree in Computer Science, Masters Preferred Java Certification

    Platform and Skill Set Expertise:
    Web Development : Java, Web Development : XML, Web Development :
    HTML, Web Development : SQL, Web Development : JSP, Web Development :
    Apache, Web Development : EJB / J2EE, Analysis Skills : UML
    Excellent Communication Skills a must
    Manager is looking for consultants that have Drools experience.

    Job Title: Sr. Java Developer
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Duration: 9+ Months

    Job Description:
    Sr. Java developer with either Sybase or SQL Server. Candidate will
    be working on the Repo application doing DB queries and ETL.
    Banking or Investmet Banking would be a plus but is not required.
    Ideally the manager would like someone who will do contract to perm
    but will consider straight contract candidates as well.
    Manager will consider someone currently doing front end Java
    development with the understanding that they will only be doing server
    side development.
    This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to gain
    Investment Banking experience.

    Technical Skills: Java, SQL Server, Sybase, ETL
    Soft Skills: quick learner, ability to work in a fast paced/demanding environment

    Subhash. L
    DW Practice LLC
    1853 Peeler Rd, Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30338-5714|
    678-248-2968 extn:216| Fax: 770.234.6160

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