• Cellular Radio Certification Testing Specialist///

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    Cellular Radio Certification Testing Specialist
    To apply for this position, please visit this Website. http://sqa.fyicenter.com/jobs/99655488_Cellular_Radio_Certification_Testing_Spe cialist.html
    To see other opportunities, please visit http://sqa.fyicenter.com
    Date: 25-Feb-2014

    Cellular Radio Certification Testing Specialist

    Masters Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Telecommunications/ Electrical Engineering, or Bachelor Degree + 10 years experience.

    Excellent system level knowledge of UMTS wireless communication technologies such as WCDMA/HSPA, LTE, GPS/LBS.

    Excellent knowledge of WCDMA/HSPA and LTE protocol stack features and key signaling procedures.

    5+ years 3GPP protocol stack software development and/or testing. Demonstrated abilities to debug test failures via handset logs analysis and network simulator logs analysis.

    2+ years working with 3GPP protocol stack certification test equipment.

    2+ years investigating 3GPP protocol stack test specification documents from standardization bodies such as GCF, PTCRB, ETSI, 3GPP, etc...

    Solid understanding of mobile device software and hardware architecture required, along with the ability to understand and resolve complex system issues involving multiple technologies.

    Must have excellent strong technical skills, great attention to detail, and strong analytical and problem solving skills

    Proven ability to understand complex subject matter across different technologies and to quickly grasp and learn new technical concepts

    Proven ability to work both independently and in a team environment

    Proven ability to handle multiple high priority tasks

    Strong interpersonal skills required, including excellent written and verbal communications, in order to drive projects and resolve issues across functions/sites

    Thank you,
    Team SQAFYI - Software QA Resource FYI
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