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    Software QA Test Automation Engineer
    To apply for this position, please visit this Website. http://sqa.fyicenter.com/jobs/99656142_Software_QA_Test_Automation_Engineer..ht ml
    To see other opportunities, please visit http://sqa.fyicenter.com
    Date: 07-Jan-2014

    Software QA Test Automation Engineer

    Analyze complicated software systems and develop automated solution Create and automate test cases Build test automation framework from scratch Be a vocal champion for quality in every phase of the development process Build, train and
    mentor automation team

    BS in Computer Science 5+ years of QA Management and test automation experience
    Strong programming skills in C/C++ or C#, knowledge of data structures and algorithms Scripting experience in Power Shell, Python, Ruby Proven record of building solid test plans and test automation frameworks Excellent written and verbal communication, people and collaboration skills Ability to take initiative and creative approach to improving product coverage and effectiveness Experience working in an Agile Development environment. (Be able to speak specifically about your experience!) Ability to troubleshoot network protocols (i.e. TCP/IP; network infrastructure) Experience with MS SQL

    Thank you,
    Team SQAFYI - Software QA Resource FYI
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