• US: Oracle Database Administrator

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    US: Oracle Database Administrator
    To apply for this position, please visit this Website. http://dba.fyicenter.com/jobs/99884937_Oracle_Database_Administrator_.html Date: 04-Dec-2013
    To see other DBA job opportunities, please visit http://dba.fyicenter.com/

    Oracle Database Administrator

    Provide technical expertise in the administration of the Oracle databases, including upgrades

    Maintain multiple development, test, and production RDBMS environments

    Monitor and maintain database security and database software, in cooperation with data security administrators

    Provide advice to applications programmers in the effective use of database languages; advise troubleshooting, exception processing needs, and other data management issues

    Maintain availability and integrity of databases through multiple access schemes; facilitate sharing of common data by overseeing proper key and index management and data dictionary maintenance

    Administer Oracle databases 10g and 11g, WebLogic 10.3.X Oversee functionality and management of ERP systems Oversee implementation and use of SQL, PL/SQL, shell scripts, and Oracle database tools

    Bachelorís degree, preferably in Information Systems or Computer Science Five or more years of experience in RDMS environments with at least the last three years as a successful Oracle DBA In depth experience with Unix and/or Linux operating systems

    Thank you,
    DBA FYI Center
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