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    On Wednesday, April 17, 1996 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, A Maki wrote:

    If you are in NJ and need training to be certified under SORA, you can register
    for classes a www.blackjacketgroup.net

    For more details, please contact me at:

    Arnold M. Maki
    2005 Lancecrest Drive
    Garland, TX 75044
    Voice: (214) 495-3270 / Fax: (214) 496-9625

    Industrial Security; Information / Computer Security; Investigations; Administrator; Training Position (Full Time or as a Consultant).


    * Sixteen + years experience in all types of government and industrial / computer security and communications; information security (INFOSEC), communications security (COMSEC).
    * Certified Facility Security Officer (FSO)) (Defense Investigative
    * Certified Contractor Information Systems Security Representative
    (CISSR) (US Government/National Industrial Security Program).
    * Certified Automated Information Systems Security Representative (AISSR) (CIA).
    * Experienced in security engineering, risk assessments,
    counter-terrorism / intelligence operations, and protection procedures.
    * Trained Criminal Investigator (US Army Military Police
    School/University of Hawaii).

    * Degreed (CIS). Very computer literate, especially Apple Macintosh, Internet & Word Wide Web.
    * Computer Security Specialist (Certified - US Government and National Industrial Security Program).
    * Trained by Intel Corp in Automated Information Systems. Worked with stand-alone PCs to multi-configured LANs and WANS.

    * CIA: Industrial Automated Information Systems Security Training
    Program; Intelligence Community Physical Security Crs
    * DIA: Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Security Enhancement Crs
    * DOD: Industrial Security Officer Crs; Program Protection & System Security Engineering; Special Access Programs - Program Security Officer Crs;
    * NSA: Communications Security Crs; SCI Contractor Security Officer
    Crs; Security Awareness Briefing Crs
    * US Army Intelligence School: Special Security Officer Crs.
    * US Army MP School: Criminal Investigation Crs
    * Univ. of Hawaii: Criminal Investigations & Criminalistics Crs.

    1994 - Present Owner/Managing Director Info Finders Online,
    Garland, TX An information research and security consulting company.

    1990 - 1995 Security Specialist / Contractor Special Security Officer
    (CSSO) /Computer Security Specialist, E-Systems, Garland, TX. Managed
    all security aspects of more than a dozen highly sensitive National
    Security Agency and company R&D programs.

    1989 - 1990 Manager, Security, BDM International (Loral/Ford Aerospace
    Co), Albuquerque, NM. Managed Defense Industrial Security Program for largest defense contractor in the area, including secure computer

    1986 - 1989 Commander (Manager) US Army Special Security Detachment (US
    Army Intelligence & Security Command), Fort Lee, VA. Managed all
    Special Security operations in support of the Foreign Logistics
    Intelligence Center. Overall security supervision of a US Government
    fixed facility communications center.

    Others: Communications Administrator, American Embassy, Laos.
    Advisor; Supervisor, Communications, Security & Admin, Military
    Assistance Advisory Group, Thailand.

    * Master of Arts. Human Relations and Business
    Amber University. Garland, TX GPA: 3.5.
    * Bachelor of Arts. Human Resources Administration / Computer
    Information Systems. St. Leo College, St Leo, FL. GPA: 3.81 Magna Cum

    * Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO).
    * Military Intelligence Corps Association (MICA).

    * A. Maki * Admit Nothing *
    * From Cowtown & Big "D" * Deny Everything *
    * <texmak@onramp.net> * Demand Proof *
    *** "...and then it rained." *** ================================================================
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