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    J2EE CSS Staff Engineer
    To apply for this position, please visit this Website. http://dev.fyicenter.com/jobs/99645530_J2EE_CSS_Staff_Engineer_.html
    Date: _30-Jul-2013_
    To see other developer job opportunities, please visit http://dev.fyicenter..com/

    J2EE CSS Staff Engineer

    - Produce high quality code according to design specifications. - Detailed technical design of highly complex software components. - Superior analytical skills to troubleshoot and fix highly complex code defects. - Proposes creative
    solutions and or alternatives balancing risk, complexity and effort to meet requirements. - Leads software design/code reviews to ensure quality and adherence to company standards. - Lead and mentor other team members.. - Collaborates with Product Owner to plan and prioritize tasks for others to support the achievement of team objectives. - Works across teams and functional
    roles to ensure interoperability among other products, including training and consultation. - Provides status updates to stakeholders and escalates issues when necessary. - Leads and/or Participates in the software development process
    from design to release in an Agile Development Framework..

    - Superior knowledge with developing and debugging software - Extensive experience and knowledge with multiple development environments and tools - Extensive experience in a wide range of relevant technologies/platforms/protocols - Superior technical knowledge in software development methodologies, design and implementation. - Using experience, knowledge and continuous learning, seeks innovative solutions to complex software development and/or design concerns.

    - Superior ability to learn new technologies quickly - Superior written and verbal communication skills - Superior collaboration skills - Ability to work in a team environment - Positive and professional attitude

    - Working Experience with HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, ASP, JSP, DHTML, AJAX and CSS. - Experience with SQL, Oracle and MS-SQL - Experience with XML, XSL, Web Services. - Familiar with multi-lingual support (Unicode) - Superior communication, collaboration and mediation skills while working with distributed teams - Superior ability to learn new technologies quickly

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    Developer FYI Center
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