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    Research Associa in Biotech
    To apply for this position, please visit this Website. http://biotech.fyicenter.com/jobs/99888813_Research_Associa_in_Biotech.html Date: 21-May-2013
    To see other BioTech job opportunities, please visit http://biotech.fyicenter.com/

    Research Associa in Biotech

    Develop and qualify impurity ELISA assays to detect process related host cell
    proteins, protein A, insulin, and LongR3 IGF-1 Participate in assay transfer
    to other labs Work closely with the bioprocess development group to support in process sample testing and analyze/interpret data Characterize host cell proteins using electrophoresis gels and Western-blot analysis Interpret and present data at meetings and write technical reports and methods BS or MS in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology or related field with at least 5 yrs. industry experience Advanced level of understanding in the field of protein biochemistry Proficient analytical skills such as ELISA, 1-D gel, and
    Western-blot analysis Extensive experience in assay development Impurity assay experience a plus Able to troubleshoot assays Strong interpersonal and organization skills

    Thank you,
    BioTech FYI Center
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