• Need System Engineer at CA

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    Subject: Need System Engineer at CA
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    Dear Associate,
    Hope you are doing good. We have an urgrent requirement for System Engineer at CA.

    Please find below requirement and send me your consultant resumes .

    Contact : 203-683-0266

    System Engineer/Infrastructure Architect role

    Sacramento, CA

    1- Understanding LDAP Schema definition and LDIF experience.
    2- Understanding architecting an LDAP repository structure for performance.
    3- Understanding specifics of LDAP Objects, Attributes and Schema Design
    4- Implementation of a Federated LDAP repository using Virtual Directory Servers.
    5- Knowledge of Open LDAP or Apache DS or other directory services
    6- Understands concepts such as LDAP protocol, LDAP SDK integration, Identity Management

    The candidate should have atleast two implementation experience with LDAP installation/configuration preferable ApacheDS. The candidate should also be able to provde details around the various object classification scheme available for enterprise and recommend the appropriate one for Eyefinity

    As far as the requirement for the Eyefinity side is concerned they want a federated LDAP env with ApacaheDS, which will be backed by Active Directory hosted in the VSP Env. The idea here is that if any changes occur in the VSP active directory they want the changes to be federated to the Eyefinity ApacheDS seamlessly. Interestingly they them self are not sure as how this can be achieved though .If we can find someone who has a good working exp with any LDAP like OpenLDAp or ApacheDS with installation/configuration details it will work well.
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