• Direct Client - Senior Front End Developer for mobile - 12 months -

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    Subject: Direct Client - Senior Front End Developer for mobile - 12 months -
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    Hi All,

    We are seeking for Mobile Web Developer.

    Please send your consultants to Vinu.c@heliosmatheson.com

    Title : Senior Front End Developer for mobile
    Location : Atlanta, GA.
    Duration : 12 months.
    Rate : Open

    6+ years solid experience in front end technologies
    In-depth experience in hand-coding standards-compliant (X)HTML, CSS
    including HTML5 and CSS3 and JavaScript including JQuery, Dojo or
    other libraries

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vinu Chandran
    Executive - Client Services
    Helios and Matheson Information Technology Inc
    vinu.c@heliosmatheson.com I Direct: 518-565-0737 www.hmny.com
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