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    Hi Partners,

    Hope you are doing great!
    This is Srikanth from Tekskills Inc.' and we have an urgent
    opportunity with our Client. Please find below the requirement
    details. If you’ve available and interested consultants for the below
    position, please revert back to me with updated resume with expected
    hourly rate, current location, availability, work authorization and
    best contact number.

    Job Title: Loadrunner Performance Test Engineer
    Location: San Jose, CA
    Duration: 3-6 months
    Job Description:
    Seeking a Loadrunner Performance Test Engineer with at least 7 years
    experience developing test scripts and executing various performance
    load tests.

    • Work with project leads to design benchmarks that measure the
    degree that an application can meet its performance requirements.
    • Work with functional analysts to gather key/critical
    transactions for benchmarking pre and post project release.
    • Assemble test design documents with in-depth details.
    • Create automated Loadrunner test scripts and provide clear documentation on how to execute test scripts and test scenarios.
    • Execute performance test load and collect related resource
    data -- network, system utilization.
    • Translate raw data into graphs and charts that answer the
    questions posed in the engagement objectives.
    • Assist the Engagement Lead in assembling test plans, results, analysis, and reports for management and executives.
    • Ensure the integrity of all information presented to the
    • Be able to quickly identify a short fall in CPU, disk IO
    bandwidth, memory, or network IO bandwidth on Linux, Windows, and AIX
    • Establish process in place and testing strategies for future benchmark/performance testing.
    • Backfill and/or assist team on other performance test
    projects, as required.
    • Must have "willing to learn" attitude and flexible to change
    and adapt in a fast pace environment
    • Establish KPI/metrics reporting for projects and operations
    • Must work with global teams on a regular basis
    • Must know to how to use QC and QTP and provide support in
    these tools and development as required.
    • Excellent communication and analytic skills

    Thanks & Regards,
    Srikanth P

    ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company
    |Phone:732-640-1210 |Fax: 888-543-5125
    |200, MetroplexDrive, Suite414, Edison, NJ – 08817
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