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    Subject: Websphere Developer to act as a Build and Deployment Automation Developer
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    JOB TITLE: Build & Deployment Automation Developer
    LOCATION: Austin, TX
    START DATE: 5/21/2012
    DURATION: Initial contract through end of fiscal year (8/31/12) with
    PROBABLE extension
    DUE DATE: Immediate
    EXPECTED PAY: Up to $70 per hour

    As part of HHSC EA initiatives, the worker will perform the following activities to accomplish the following goals:

    Develop and maintain Build and Deployment Automation scripts
    enterprise applications developed by the new development teams.
    Create technical and design documentation, as required.
    As a member of the Environments Management team: complete
    requirements analysis, design, development, test and deployment of
    software projects for new development and modification and maintenance
    of existing code.
    Responsible for supporting and enhancing existing Build and
    Deployment Automation scripts.
    Coordinate with high-level application design teams.
    Analyze the entire system for performance tuning
    Perform system analysis and problem resolution.
    Provide technical support for testing and implementation
    Attend program design, coding and test walk-through meetings
    provide input regarding adherence to technical standards and customer requirements.
    Work with other teams as necessary to accomplish goals,
    but not limited to New Application Development, Middleware, Server
    Support, DBAs, Test Teams, systems administrators, etc.
    Other duties as assigned.
    Minimum Requirements:
    Years Skills/Experience
    5 Experience with WebSphere Application Server
    (WAS) Library, Jython
    and Jacl script - used automating application deployments,
    environment installation and configuration and creating custom
    scripting used by Rational Application Framework for Websphere (RAFW)
    and Build Forge.
    5 Experience with Ant, Maven scripting, used for application
    5 Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7, Server
    2003/2008, Solaris 10 or
    other Unix OS
    5 Hardware and Network: PCs and Servers, LAN/WAN
    3 Development experience using XMLAccess and
    Release Builder used
    for Portal application configuration and deployment.
    3 Programming experience in following languages
    and environments
    including one or more in following: Java, J2EE, EJB (Enterprise Java
    Beans), JSP (Java Server Pages), WSDL (Web Services Description
    Language), XML (eXtensible Markup Language), Web Services, Spring,
    Hibernate and Oracle and J2EE integration points with external or
    third party products.
    2 Strong understanding and knowledge of the
    architecture, UML (Unified Modeling Language), Patterns/Frameworks,
    JDBC/ODBC (Oracle Database Connectivity) and OOD (Object-Oriented
    Design / Development) skills.
    1 Experience with Rich Internet Application
    Development tools such
    as ADOBE Flex, LCDS and FLEX frameworks
    Strong Experience with testing tools and methodologies
    and using
    version control software.

    Years Skills/Experience
    2+ UCM ClearCase/ClearQuest 7.x: Experience
    provisioning users,
    creating projects and streams, working with streams locks, ClearCase
    Remote Client (CCRC) and troubleshooting user issues such as
    deliveries, rebases, merge conflicts, views updates, client
    installation, and other application errors.
    2+ Requisite Pro 7.x: Experience provisioning
    users, working with
    Rational web server, modifying requirements attributes and
    troubleshooting user issues such as document imports and other
    application errors.
    2+ BuildForge/RAFW/ 7.x: Experience Provisioning
    users and
    troubleshooting application errors.
    2+ Scripting: PERL or Rational PERL
    1+ Experience with IBM Process Server.
    Strong Excellent oral and written communication skills

    Jose Kiran
    201, Elden Street, suite#203
    Herndon VA, 20170
    Email: kiran@vysinc.com
    Phone 703-953-1814 or 703-793-1868 X 215
    1-703-563-9200 eFax
    Vyshnavi Infotech Inc http://www.vysinc.com/
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