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    Job Title: PeopleSoft CRM IT Helpdesk Functional Specialist

    Level: Senior
    City: Houston

    Req Skills: PeopleSoft CRM

    State: TX
    Type: Contract
    Zip: 77021
    Duration: 4 Months

    Candidate Type: W2 Only

    Full Job Description

    PeopleSoft CRM IT Helpdesk Functional Consultant

    Scope: Provide Functional Support for the implementation of PeopleSoft
    CRM IT HelpDesk


    •Assist in the functional analysis required to implement the
    PeopleSoft CRM IT HelpDesk
    •Deliverables may include
    •Fit/gap documentation as necessary
    •Requirements documentation
    •Recommendations regarding application configuration
    •Configuration documentation
    •Business process documents
    •Testing documentation
    •Other documents as defined by the project manager.

    •Knowledge of the PeopleSoft CRM IT HelpDesk
    •Previous implementation experience with PeopleSoft CRM IT HelpDesk
    •Microsoft Office Suite
    •Adobe Acrobat
    •Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills

    •HP Quality Center 11.0

    •As described in the duties section
    •Due as agreed upon with the project manager or implementation
    •Weekly submission of time and activity reports to the project manager
    or implementation manager.

    Required: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering,
    or management information systems

    •Demonstrated knowledge and expertise of PeopleSoft CRM IT HelpDesk •Demonstrated ability to appropriately complete required project
    •Demonstrated ability to meet project deadlines
    •Demonstrated customer service to internal and external customers
    •Attendance at meetings as required and on-site presence 5 days/week

    Requested Details:

    Full Name as per SSN:
    Current work authorization in US
    Current Location
    Last 4-digits of SSN:
    USA Experience
    Total IT Experience
    Graduation Year:
    Salary expectations on W2:
    Contact details
    Location Constraints if any

    IT Recruiter
    Partners Consulting (a Calance Company)
    An SEI-CMMi Level 5 Company
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