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    Pretty interesting read. Apparently the way we look is important lol.
    Anyways, nice read. awesome. most university programs: applied health
    sciences, engineer, environment, law, english, sciences, comp sci

    How to Get a Six Figure Salary
    The Obvious Job Problem
    Everyday, hundreds of millions of prospective graduates and career
    seekers look for low-paying jobs starting with $30,000-$55,000 USD.
    Only less than 1% of them are actually able to get a job. Looking for
    jobs are not an easy task at all, it may take years for even the best
    candidate to find a modest paying job. With the economic uncertainty
    and terrible high unemployment along with an older generation applying
    for entry-level positions, the reality of employment seems no reality
    at all. I have worked for many federal government positions and one at
    a crown corporation in Canada, and the truth is that age does come
    with experience, and the workforce is populated by a continual aging
    population ranging from 30+. Most graduates go back to university at
    the glimpse of hope that a higher education would prevail better
    probabilities for employment. If you visually evaluate the workforce
    age for any company, most of them would not be graduates out of
    university. So why canít you get a job? Why is it so damn hard to find employment? Are you sure it is?

    Reducing Everything to One Single Problem
    We are reduced to one single problem for finding employment: itís the
    outlets that we employ to search for jobs. Most job search engines are saturated by 90% of the post-undergraduate applicants, working also
    with human resource staff I have seen 1 position available for 219
    applicants, the worst was 10,000 applicants for only 20 positions. If
    you think for a minute that you are up against applicants within your
    own country, think again, its international competition. The
    possibilities are impossibilities it may seem at first.

    My Approach
    It isnít even about how you write your resume, or how well you think
    you did on an interview. My friend has used this approach without
    having any formal professional working experience, and just a bachelor
    degree identified in her resume and nothing to enforce her experience
    and she was offered $130,000 USD (including living allowance) starting
    for a non-directorial or management position.

    There is a saying that practice makes perfect. People who work hard in
    certain subjects become subject matter experts. In my case, I have
    been through the outlets that offer jobs, I have waited for positions
    for a while, but now I have a refined process for it, finally years of
    torment and looking for a position has paid off and I have found the
    best way to obtain a six-figure salary or close to one for straight- out-of-university graduates. Most university graduates will never even contemplate about this outlet, most job search engines do not even
    identify this job outlet, ultimately, the applicant screening is so
    low that there is actually a surplus of job vacancies. My friend who
    was offered a position using this approach said that her competition
    was only 3 peopleÖ. And if she just came out of university with no
    professional working experience, how qualified do you think the
    prospect candidates really are?

    I have seen people in 3rd world countries who use this method that
    have been revealed to them, and actually got an internship that pays
    the same as a usual working class Canadian or American.

    Cut the Crap
    There is nothing more I want right now, at this moment in my life,
    then to help you cut the following:
    ∑ Crap methods undergraduates use to find jobs
    ∑ Waiting months and years for employment
    ∑ Anxiety and depression
    ∑ Going to the computer each day and having no material leads
    for jobs
    ∑ Repetitive declines
    ∑ Overall low morale and decrease of optimism for life in
    ∑ Being poor
    ∑ Getting slammed by university fees
    ∑ Living with your parents
    ∑ Not being able to waste money
    ∑ Using coupons and coins for purchases

    A Review: What am I selling you?
    ∑ I will show you how to get a six-figure salary or close to
    one for a graduate straight out of university that offer full-time and
    other positions at a department that is well-known around the world
    that pays you hourly or a salary and is well recognized.

    ∑ This is not a get rich quick scheme or an internet make
    money fast catch, it is an actual career outlet.
    ∑ A reduction of your time wasted looking for jobs you will
    mostly never get.

    ∑ A place where your competition is virtually none, where jobs
    come faster or on par with applicants.

    Bragging Rights
    With this position you not only attain a lot of money, but you become
    instantly the envy of your friends, the recognition of all your
    hardwork, you become the trophy child of the family, you can spend the
    money appropriately.

    Stop wasting your life and try me.
    I am able to provide you with a way to obtain a six-figure salary or
    close to one, straight-out-of-university, if you think all is lost and
    if you are tired of spending the prime of your life as a full-time
    job, searching for full-time jobs, and want to move on; then go ahead
    and try me. I actually want you to learn from my mistakes of looking
    for jobs and cut the crap and succeed. You have nothing to lose, but
    everything to gain. What is $18.72 for someone who can make 5000x
    consistently more than that?

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