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    To apply for this position, please visit this Website. http://dev.fyicenter.com/jobs/99653644_Sr__C__Developer.html
    Date: _21-Mar-2012_
    To see other developer job opportunities, please visit http://dev.fyicenter.com/

    Sr. C# Developer

    --Develop new features and enhancements for trader workstation and
    build interaction with various components of pricing, order management
    and RFQ process --Support existing components and deployment/release

    --Work closely with other members of Credit team. --Work closely with
    Retail traders.

    --Work closely with product support to resolve production issues.

    --Proficiency in C#, WPF, EMS, RV --Knowledge of Unix, TCP/IP --
    Working knowledge of relational database --Nice to have: Unix, C++/VC+
    +, Microsoft Blend --Strong communication skills --Attention to detail --Required: 3 years or more of experience in C#, WPF and strong
    database skills --Required: Strong grasp of fundamental computer
    science concepts: data structures, algorithms, concurrency, and object
    oriented design --Nice to have: Unit Testing (NUnit), Unix, C++
    background, Microsoft Blend, Team Foundation Server (TFS), --Prior
    experience with financial markets

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