• Needed Sr Share point Developer

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    Subject: Needed Sr Share point Developer
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    JTitle : Sr Sharepoint Developer
    Location :Princeton Junction,NJ
    Duration : 4 months - (contract to hire )

    Immediate interviews : can get interviews this week or next week.

    Bobby from Logixtech will call

    Skill Requirements

    8 years plus overall IT technical experience. (not industry specific, any will do)
    5 years core focus on technical SharePoint Development experience is mandatory.
    Ability to work independently and take ownership of responsibilities and follow through on tasks

    Working Experience on the following:

    Moss 2007/ SharePoint 2010
    SharePoint Designer 2007/2010
    InfoPath 2007/2010
    Visual Studio 2005/2008
    SQL Server 2005\2008.

    Looking forward for your reply,

    Thanks & Regards

    Venu Bhargava
    Technical Recruiter
    Resource Huntgroup
    Phone: (732) 675-5169
    Email: venu.bhargava@resourcehuntgroup.com
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