• Urgent Required In ETL Consultants for Qatar

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    VAM SYSTEMS is a Business Consulting, IT Solutions and Services
    company with operations in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, USA, Australia,
    Singapore & India.
    VAM SYSTEMS is currently looking for ETL Consultants for our Qatar
    operations with the following skill set and terms and conditions:
    Skillset required:
    1. 6+ experience in Data warehousing
    2. ETL Tools : Datastage
    3. Databases: Teradata, DB2, Oracle, UNIX
    4. IBM WebSphere IIS DataStage Enterprise
    5. BI Tools (Cognos Report Studio 8.4)
    6. Banking Experience is mandatory.

    Domain : Bank
    Terms and conditions:
    Joining time frame: 2 weeks (maximum 1 month)
    The selected candidates shall join VAM SYSTEMS Qatar and shall be
    deputed to one of the leading Banks in Qatar.

    Should you be interested in this opportunity, please send your latest
    resume in MS Word format at the earliest at
    aswathy.pillai@vamsystems.com or call us +91 0476 2684922.
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