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    Looking forward to submit your resume for the below mentioned

    Direct Client, Exclusive requirement, immediate closure for right
    candidate, Long Term
    Respond with full contact and visa details for quick response

    Title: SharePoint/.Net Developer
    Duration: Long Term
    Location: Grand Rapids, MI

    Please send resumes to subhash.l@dwpractice.com

    Important skills for potential candidates
    Strong .Net coding experience, especially ASP.Net or C# (3+ years)
    Solution design experience, including multiple server designs
    Microsoft SQL Server experience, including development and
    Knowledge of Active Directory
    Server configuration skills
    Good communication skills, written and verbal
    Familiarity with Agile development principles
    Ideally, candidates will have a strong background working with
    SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

    Subhash. L
    DW Practice LLC
    1853 Peeler Rd, Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30338-5714|
    678-248-2968 extn:216| Fax: 770.234.6160
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