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    Looking forward to submit your resume for the below mentioned

    Please send me Updated RESUME along with RATE, Contact Number and Availability.....

    Title: Oracle PL/SQL Developer
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Duration: 6+ Months

    Must have Skills:
    7+ years application development and implementation experience.
    7+ years of Oracle PL/SQL development experience.
    Extensive experience in data modeling.
    Unix experience of 3+ years.
    Experience working in a lead capacity within a large applications environment.
    Ability to document impact analysis, detailed designs and unit test
    Excellent analytical, decision-making and troubleshooting skills.
    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    Ability to work independently or collaboratively.
    Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.
    Project life cycle knowledge.
    Detail oriented.

    Prefered Skills:
    Prior experience with collections systems.
    Experience developing for a n-tier application
    Working knowledge of XML and Service Oriented Architecture
    Java development experience
    PERL development experience
    Demonstrated knowledge of Home Equity Lines and Loans, Personal
    Loans, Sub Prime Loans, Credit Cards and Retail Loans, Business Loans
    and Credit Cards, and Educational Loans.

    Platform and Skill Set Expertise:
    Web Development : Perl, Database Development : Oracle, Database
    Development : UNIX, Design Skills & Tools : Data Modeling, Design
    Skills & Tools : Object Oriented Design

    Subhash. L
    DW Practice LLC
    1853 Peeler Rd, Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30338-5714|
    678-248-2968 extn:216| Fax: 770.234.6160
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