• URGENT NEED: Systems Programmer - 6+Months - Rochester, MN

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    Subject: URGENT NEED: Systems Programmer - 6+Months - Rochester, MN
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    Looking forward to submit your resume for the below mentioned

    Please send me Updated RESUME along with RATE, Contact Number, Current
    Location and Availability.

    Job Title: Systems Programmer
    Location: Rochester, MN
    Duration: 6+ months

    Please send me your resume to subhash.l@dwpractice.com

    Short Description:
    Description of Services: Individual will work on the Surgical Support
    team providing enhancements to the surgical scheduling, supply and
    recording systems.

    Complete Description:
    We have a large number of enhancements to some critical surgical
    applications that we support.
    We have application changes that need to be made in Powerbuilder and
    Database enhancements as well.

    Behavior Characteristics:
    Individual must be a good communicator.

    Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
    Sybase/Related SQL Required 3 Years
    Powerbuilder Required 5 Years
    Unix Required 1 Years
    ASP.net Nice to have 2 Years
    Business Objects / Crysal Reports Desired 2 Years
    C#.net Nice to have 2 Years

    Subhash. L
    DW Practice LLC
    1853 Peeler Rd, Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30338-5714|
    678-248-2968 extn:216| Fax: 770.234.6160

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