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    To apply for this position, please visit this Website. http://dev.fyicenter.com/jobs/99656799_Front_End_Web_Developer.html
    To see other opportunities, please visit http://dev.fyicenter.com
    Date: 12-Sep-2011

    Front-End Web Developer

    3 - 5 years experience hand coding with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    Strong JavaScript knowledge. Must have hands on experience writing
    complex functionality (e.g., AJAX, 3rd party libraries - jQuery) JSP
    and XML programming experience (experience with similar type of
    scripting language may be considered (e.g., PHP)) Highly desirable programming skills: o Java programming; experience writing J2EE web applications o Experience writing Actionscript and creating complex
    Flash applications utilizing Adobe Flex o Experience in social media
    (e.g. facebook, twitter, etc) and/or mobile device development (e.g.
    iOS3/4, Android, RIM, etc). o Knowledge of implementing 3rd party web
    analytics code (Omniture Site Catalyst preferred) Intimate knowledge
    of browser compatibility issues and solutions Ability to work in a collaborative environment and actively participate in all aspects of
    project development ranging from requirements to deployment
    Excellent organizational, problem-solving, and research skills
    Ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines, learn software
    quickly, and willingness to keep up with industry trends Strong
    communication skills and service-orientation Understanding and/or
    experience setting up a local web development environment (i.e. web
    server, application server) Understanding and/or experience working
    with an enterprise content management system or workflow tool (i.e.
    ClearQuest, Fatwire, Vignette)

    Thank you,
    Team DEVFYI - Developer Resource FYI
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