• Need Network Security Engineer ,Dallas - TX- 6 Months Saleem@info-ways

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    We came across your resume on dice/monster/Corp-Corp. com, please find
    the details of the requirement, please let us know if you are
    comfortable and interested .

    Role: Network Security Engineer (Level-3)
    Location: Dallas - TX
    Duration: 6 Months

    Requirements :

    Should have a good experience in monitoring and management of network
    security devices such as Firewalls, VPN, IDS/IPS, AAA, PKI, Two Factor Authentication solution.

    Product Expertise :

    Firewall:- Cisco ASA and FWSM, Juniper
    VPN:- IPSEC, SSL, Site to Site, Remote Access
    IDS/IPS:- Tipping point , Cisco IPS
    AAA:- Cisco ACS
    PKI:- Management of PKI Infrastructure
    Two Factor Authentication:- RSA/Alladin/Quest
    Web Filtering solution:- Web sense/Bluecoat Proxy


    CCNA, CCSP certification
    Basic switching and routing
    Email Gateway solution:- Cisco Ironport/Symantec Bright mail
    Corporate Antivirus solution:- Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)
    HIPS:- Symantec SCSP
    Log Management and Incident Response solution:- Symantec SSIM/

    Must have Good communication skills

    Note : Please send your profiles in .doc format (Word document) and
    also ensure the candidates fill these details below

    2)Visa Status:
    3)Contact numbers:
    4)Email Id:
    5)Current location:
    6)Willing to Relocate :
    7)Best time to contact for the interview :
    8)Expected Rate/hr :

    Best Regards,

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