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    To apply for this position, please visit this Website. http://dev.fyicenter.com/jobs/99658674_Senior_Product_Manager.html
    To see other opportunities, please visit http://dev.fyicenter.com
    Date: 20-May-2011

    Senior Product Manager, Content Creation Software

    # Own the development, management, delivery and ultimate end of life
    for an individual, multi-market range or set of Dolby products.

    # Take on the management of challenging products that contain new
    concepts, methods, techniques, are part of long term or complex market strategies and require thought leadership and innovation to guide the development of the final product.

    # Be responsible for the delivery of high quality products to Product
    Marketing that meet or exceed market requirements in the Market
    Requirements Document (MRD), the Go-To-Market schedule, and margin and
    cost targets.

    # Working from an MRD, create, define and produce new products that
    meet the needs of Dolby customers and further the companies’ goals and objectives.

    # Be responsible for, define the detailed product requirements, and
    own, the Product Requirements Document (PRD). Ensure this document
    meets the market need, as expressed in the MRD, captures customer
    usage and use cases, and contains the input, and has the buy-in of the
    Products and Technologies Group (Research, CTO and Engineering).

    # Working with the Platform teams, leverage Dolby’s technology
    platforms to bring them to the market. Provide detailed feedback to
    further develop existing technology platforms, develop advanced
    concepts that can lead to the creation of new platforms and create
    solutions that set a precedent for future products.

    # Be accountable for, testing and program milestones, schedules,
    deliverables in conjunction with the Products and Technologies Group
    (Research, Program Management and Engineering).

    # Create and maintain a collaborative team relationship with all
    groups in the Products and Technologies Group (PTG), especially across geographic boundaries; ensure that Product Development efforts are a
    shared responsibility of a whole company-wide product team.

    # Be a subject matter expert in the features and usage of your
    products; stay current with industry technology trends, technical
    developments and maintain awareness of market and customer trends. Use
    this knowledge to generate new features for existing products and
    products under development.

    # Be a visible and proactive product expert, leader and evangelist,
    provide technical expertise to other functions.

    # Understand competitive products and manage Dolby products to exceed
    them. Study, map and respond to competitive analysis.

    # Working with PTG, the Platform group, Sales and Product Marketing be responsible for day-to-day product management tasks such as
    prioritizing bug fixes, identifying and defining new product features
    and enhancements; clarifying the product requirements and customer
    need; and scheduling product updates or updating the individual
    product roadmap.

    # Be responsible for guiding the product through the Innovation and
    Development Planning (IDP) process once the business case has been

    # Serve as a consultant to colleagues as to how Dolby products are
    integrated into licensees’ products or larger systems.

    # Help develop, document and coach best practices within the team.
    Leverage functional expertise to mentor junior personnel.

    # Manage and coordinate with Sales and Engineering beta and pilot
    programs of early-stage products and samples.

    # Be a consultant and spokesperson for Product Marketing, Corporate
    Marketing and Sales as required, with detailed product information,
    product training, product meetings with customers, eco-system partners
    and prospects, customer support, industry presentations, analyst
    questions, and information to assist with the go-to-market and ongoing
    support of the product in the field.

    # Working with account owners, meet with customers, partners and other
    3rd parties with a product focus. Leverage customer relationships to
    learn about customer requirements and expectations first hand.

    Thank you,
    Team DEVFYI - Developer Resource FYI
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