• Senior QA Texter - 22840 - Irving Texas

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    High Level -
    Coordinates testing of mission critical projects , design, development, training, implementation, and maintenance for all custom software testing development including file server based database applications, client server based applications, and intranet/web based applications.

    Project mgr - 3-7 years exp. - ms office proficient ( good excel, ppt, project, visio experience ) any .net experience helpful
    Capable of producing exec level reporting via spreadsheet and ppt reports Capable of managing large amounts of test data results and condensing to concise metrics and tracking
    Good communication skills, bridging gap between technical test team and technical development team

    30+ Verizon Contract Positions Now Open.

    Over 30 contract positions open at Verizon for the following skill sets:

    Quality Assurance (QA) Oracle DBA
    Unix Admin SQL DBA
    Business analyst Project Manager
    Sales Marketing
    Call Center Linux Admin
    Web Developer Network Engineer
    Warehouse Application Developer
    Cisco Enterprise Systems Developer
    Operations Manager .net Developer

    Visit our web site to view a complete list of our open positions and to
    apply online.

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